What do parents most regret after the birth of their baby?

  1. Not having known enough about pros as well as the cons of medical interventions (chemical induction, epidural, Cesarean etc.) and possible alternatives
  1. Allowing fear based suggestions from their environment to guide their decisions
  1. Not taking a stand for their needs and wishes
  1. Fathers: Not to have known how to support their partner and baby
  1. Mothers: To have felt overwhelmed and unprepared for the intensity of giving birth

The aim of my work is to help avoiding these regrets and making childbirth

… a warm and safe welcome for the baby

… an empowering experience for the mother

… a life event in which the father is included and makes an important contribution

To help you and your partner prepare for the arrival of your baby I offer prenatal classes for couples and groups.

In these classes you learn

  • about birth itself,
  • how to prepare yourself physically, mentally and emotionally,
  • how to make the best decisions for you and your baby and
  • how to deeply relax (using elements of hypnosis) in order to make birthing easier and less painful for you.
  • and much more!

Find out more about my prenatal classes in the Basel area and what the heck hypnosis has to do with the whole thing!

Kendra Gettel

I am part of the Hypnobirthing Basel network. We offer classes in English and German. You can find the current schedule for german classes and more information under www.hypnobirthingbasel.ch.

Please note: At the moment I am pregnant myself with baby no. 2 (due the end of March 2016) and will take a break from giving classes from the beginning of March. If you would like a class, please let me know asap so we can schedule one before. Thank you!


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